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Biudee is your very own personal beauty assistant that allows you to benefit fully from the latest research on health, science, innovation and beauty. The Biudee analysis tools reveal to which extent your skin signals age, damage and inflammation and helps you keep track of all the major contributors to the aging of your skin – e.g. sun exposure, diet, quality of sleep and stress. Biudee assists you to live each day in a way that corresponds with your beauty and health – in just one and very user friendly app. Biudee is developed with Professor of Dermatology Dr. Christian Gronhoj, MD, DMSc and Dermatologist Janne Touborg, MD



Technology used:

  • Development language: Objective – C
  • Architecture Pattern: MVC
  • REST Kit, JSON, OAuth 2, Core Data, Core Location, AFNetworking,  Auto  layout and size classes, Core Graphics,
  • Weather API service.
  • Working with  the camera and photo.
  • Postprocessing photo.

App screenshots:










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